D5: Death Practices (Part 1)

 This class is about how we care for our dead. 

The conversation starts with Fred and Wilma, Fred in home hospice, and Wilma in a medical setting. These two scenarios are played out regarding how you as a caregiver can grieve, ritualize, and memorialize.

We talk about embalming  - to do or not to do.

We talk at length about cremation - what it is, how it's done, options for cremains, etc. There's a show and tell portion about my dogs ashes.

There are two interviews.

Rachel shares her experiences of caring for her mother's body at home before hospice is called. 

Marilyn shares her experiences of witnesses her father's cremation and participating in the process by having a service at the crematorium. I share my experiences, too, as I was on Facetime during this meanginful and loving process.

Lots of great information here you can think about as you imagine what you'd like at your own end of life or as you think about how you'd like to care for your own family.

D5: Death Practices (Part 1)

We start talking about death practices in this video series including the history of cemeteries and cremation, explanations about cremation, and two lovely interviews. 

$30.00 USD