G5: Explore Your Grief

We're moving out of thinking about grief to feeling it. 

I've included several gentle exercises you can do to help you examine your internal landscape and feel the feelings attached to what you find.

Go at your own pace. Do what makes sense to you. Adapt as you feel necessary.

There are 5 videos to help you gently explore your internal world and connect to the feelings related to your grief.  

G5: Explore Your Grief

We've talked about different aspects of grief and loss in previous classes. This class is experiential, an opportunity for you to engage in activities to loosen up your feelings and feel them. (You can do it...!)  We've included variations on art processes - plate breaking, collage work with prompts, some excellent opportunties for internal map making from Patti Digh's book, Geography of Loss. This class is less brain/think and more heart/soul.     

$30.00 USD