D1: What is Death? What is Dying? Historical and Contemporary Conversations About How We Got To Where We Are.

Dr. Atkins asks questions about your attitudes and thoughts regarding death and dying.

The way we approach dying today in America is framed in historical contexts so we can see how our culture believes and acts the way it does.

Why do we have hospitals and why does this matter? (It does!)

What do poor houses of the 1920s have to do with establishment of nursing homes today?

How were assisted living facilities set up and how do we use them now?

How have social hospices changed and why are they popping up again in the last decade?

What does Amsterdam have to do with resussitation science?

These questions and more are answered in a series of videos that will take about an hour to watch. Watch them at your leisure. Once the course is purchased, it's yours.


What Is Death? What Is Dying?

Death educator Dr. Martha Jo Atkins walks you through some important history about death and dying in America. Insights about how we've managed death, dying, and the elderly in our country will lay the foundation for more courses in 2016. This class has 7 video lessons totally 50 minutes of teaching time. Topics include: your attitudes about death and dying and how you came to believe what you do, how medical progress has changed death and dying in our country, history of hospice movement, history of hospitals and nursing homes, foundational discussions of death and how the definition is changing.

$30.00 USD