G3: Fresh Grief

The grief we experience after the death of a loved one takes all kinds of forms. In this class Dr. Atkins shares some personal experiences related to the death of her friend Laurie. Dr. Atkins also teaches about cumulative grief and ways to support grieving friends.

A beautiful and raw interview is included in this class. Alice Kossack suffered the death of her son 5 months prior to the conversation she has with Dr. Atkins. The way the interview is filmed is a wonderful metaphor for the experience of the first months of grief. Ali has much to teach and we're happy she joined us for this class.

Fresh Grief

The class is about fresh grief, grief in the first year after the death of someone you love. Alice Kossack describes her experience of living after the death of her beloved Sam to suicide 5 months prior to the interview. Dr. Atkins discusses grief related to the death of her friend, Laurie. We talk about supporting someone who is grieving, ways you can help. We talk about cumulative grief. Ali's interview is gorgeous and raw and Dr. Atkins says, the highlight of this class.

$30.00 USD