D4: Signposts of Dying (Part 3)

In this class we talk about some common experiences of the dying that you, as a witness, may see.

Included in the conversation:

Life review, different kinds of reaching, "the house is burning down", "you look so familiar", and fear of missing out. 

In addition, Dr. Atkins introduces her trajectory of dying model.

D4: Signposts of Dying (Part 3)

The dying demonstrate a variety of behaviors and language as they move towards death. In an effort to reduce fear and anxiety around the dying process, Dr. Atkins has identified Signposts along the trajectory of dying. In this class, Dr. Atkins discusses -life review of the dying -reaching behaviors -'the house is burning down' -'you look so familiar' -'fear of missing out' -introduction to the Atkins Trajectory of Dying model  

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