Welcome to our new place on the internet.

I'm Martha Jo Atkins, Founder of the MJA Death and Dying Institute. I've been doing some aspect of death and dying work for 25 years. My work and personal loss experiences have led me here, to create a place where I can teach, engage in research, build community, and delight in lovely humans having meaningful conversations around death, dying, and grieving.

We Westerners don't talk so much about what dying is, what it looks and sounds like, what questions it causes us to ponder. The pain of it. The wonder of it.

We talk about all of those here.

Knowledge is power. I want you to understand the language and terrain of dying so when the time comes for you to help someone you love, or yourself, you'll be know more about what's happening. That preparation can ease all kinds of anxiety and fear.

We also talk about grief - what it looks and sounds like, how to open space for it, how to live it, and how community and stories of others who've been on similar journeys can help us make sense of our own experiences.

If you'd like to join the conversation, we'd love to have you in our community.

Thanks for stopping by.

Martha Jo